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Courtyard House - Community Initiatives

Wildlife Tourism is a prominent industry in India. A large number of people depend upon it for survival. It is a crucial for the economy as earning prospects depend upon robust tourism it fetches foreign exchange and makes the country proud and popular.

Tourism has provided many businesses to establish accommodations near the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary. This sector has resulted in economic gains for the industry and provides employment opportunity for the locals.

As a social responsibility all enterprise benefitting from the heritage should partner with the local communities in order to empower them in any which way they can. For industry servicing niche quarters and heritage destinations it is indeed a responsibility to be socially active in contributing to local wealth as a share of one's earning. In order to fulfill our social obligations Courtyard House at Kanha has always been at the forefront in donating to institutions and aiding the local communities. We are employing a large number of our staff from the nearby villages. Apart from employment we also provide periodic training and enhancement programs that continuously empower them with better skill sets and mannerism crucial for the hospitality industry.

In order to further our contribution we have adopted a local middle school at Patpara village at Kanha National Park. We have donated to the school as well as arranged for donations from willing sources.

The fund utilization has been in form of providing and upgrading the local infrastructure of the middle school. As a result of our efforts the building has been upgraded using new furniture, cupboards, desks and chairs for teachers and enclosing the premises with secure fence.

With student teacher participation we have carried out a plantation exercise for creating a environmental friendly ambiance.

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